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“Hello, my name is Beruzka, I have always had a strong vocation and interest in care and attention to people. That is why I decided to study Medicine in my native country, Venezuela, where I graduated as a Surgeon in the year 2014.

Later I decided to look for new horizons in the US, always focused on clinical care, obtaining advanced training in manual therapies, of an objective and restorative nature, by obtaining my therapeutic massage license in 2020.

Therefore, I have specialized in an innovative therapy that has given me unique and valuable skills to help everyone who needs it, the so-called “Cranio-Sacral Therapy”. It is simple and easy in its application but powerful, which allows me to offer you direct and effective energy well-being and consequently mental and emotional, through a very subtle touch, it is also possible to obtain the physical lightness that we seek so much.

My holistic approach helps me to focus on the energetic and rejuvenating connection, providing you with a warm and professional experience that helps you relieve pain, stress and tensions from day to day, providing an exceptional service allowing you to reach an optimal and lasting state of mind. well-being and balance in their daily lives.

I dedicate time and attention to each session to ensure that each client feels comfortable and confident throughout the entire process.

I would love to schedule a session and help you reach a greater state of wellness and healing.

I look forward to sharing these skills and offering you an exceptional experience during each therapy.”

Therapist: Maria J Beruzka Berrios Lucena.

Date 08/31/2021

License NO. MA-95852

Control NO. 431354

Expiration Date: Aug 31, 2023.


Hello! I am Abraham, a massage therapist, licensed by the Department of Health of the State of Florida USA, I have always loved helping people achieve their emotional and physical balance so that they can feel better than ever.


Ever since I discovered my passion for massage therapy, I have dedicated my time and energy honing my skills to offer you a unique and personalized experience with each treatment I perform.


I am originally from Venezuela and with higher studies in industrial mechanics. In my free time, I am passionate about style and the essential beauty of life.


My goal is to help you feel better and achieve the balance you need to face your day to day.


I am always updating my knowledge and skills to bring you advanced treatments with the most up-to-date benefits.


As your therapist, I can assure you of a professional and high-quality service, with personalized attention in each session.


I look forward to meeting you soon and being able to help you feel better than ever.




License NO: MA-

Control NO: 

Expiration Date: Aug 31, 2023.