Stretching Therapy

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Our assisted stretching therapists use personalized techniques for each of our client-patients as we do extensive assessments of their physical health, looking at range of motion, flexibility, limitations, alignment, pain, and discomfort levels of a person.

At Crystal Bamboo, we are always focused on the goals of our client-patients, to develop a stretching program that gradually helps you achieve those goals. With the assistance of our trained therapists, you will stretch safely, effectively, and without injury.


A person’s tolerance for stretching positively affects the range of motion, so this increase allows greater flexibility, mobility and injury prevention, it also reduces joint stiffness making activities such as walking or participating in physical tasks more more comfortable for the body.

Assisted stretching increases blood flow to tissues, lowers blood pressure, and brings more oxygen and nutrients to tissues, playing a very important role in lightening and decreasing muscle soreness.

Stretching routinely makes your body experience a better posture, reduces stress, and produces muscle rejuvenation (increasing flexibility and strength of the muscles), prevents contractures and a general feeling of well-being.