Four Hands Massage Therapy

At Crystal Bamboo, we offer a four-hand massage that can help release you emotionally and have a big impact on your nervous system. This therapy is carried out by two therapists working simultaneously on your body, and it is a practice of deep relaxation, harmonization and balance of body and mind. Although it is especially indicated for people who suffer from work overload, stress, nervousness or anxiety, anyone can receive this massage and experience its benefits.


This four-hand massage can generate great physical and psychological well-being through deep relaxation that affects the different organs and senses, especially touch. By having two therapists working simultaneously, the effects are doubled exponentially, resulting in a powerful physical, mental and energetic state. The greater blood flow provided by this four-hand massage also favors the oxygenation and nutrition of different parts of the body, as well as the elimination of toxins.


It is normal for some people to pay too much attention to the therapists’ movements at first, making it difficult for them to relinquish control of the tonicity or degree of tension in their muscles. However, after a few moments, the brain relinquishes control and deep relaxation and emotional release ensues.


In short, our four-hand massage is a rejuvenating experience that will allow you to feel lighter, release negative emotions from your mind, and renew your energy. Be sure to book your appointment and experience all these benefits for yourself!