Couples Massage

We offer the experience of couples massage therapy at home. It is observed that every day our lives are more hectic and we feel that the time we can spend with our partner, family or with our true friends is less, consequently, it is very important to take breaks in our hustle and bustle and allow ourselves memorable moments with our loved ones. .


Couples massage provides a deep connection full of love and trust, which allows time and unique space to strengthen these bonds. In addition, eliminating stress helps strengthen the relationship as a couple, since massages help the body to secrete well-being hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, which increases the desire for affection and intimacy with our partner.


In addition, couples massage can be easily incorporated into the routine of a couple, family or friends by regularly performing muscle hygiene, having more chances of daily stress disappearing. In fact, therapeutic couples massage has the same positive effects as an individual session, it increases circulation, improves the immune system and helps to recondition contracted muscles, promoting good health and inducing a state of relaxation that facilitates better sleep.


In short, our in-home couples massage therapy experience provides you with a unique opportunity to strengthen your relationship as a couple, while also enjoying the multiple benefits of therapeutic massage techniques. 

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