Combined Stretching Therapy

At Crystal Bamboo we offer the combination therapy of assisted stretching and therapeutic massage that can help you alleviate specific muscular ailments. This therapy is based on the idea that, in many cases, kneading or stretching separately does not provide a noticeable improvement.


By combining these two techniques, we can address the therapeutic needs of different muscle groups effectively. In many cases, separate treatments do not adequately address accumulated stress, which can lead to potential injury or serious contractures. An alternative treatment, such as Crystal Bamboo Combination Therapy, is necessary for optimal improvement.


Our combination therapy allows the therapist to work with the muscles and joints effectively using personalized techniques for each ailment. This relaxes the muscles and improves flexibility, resulting in a reduction in muscle pain.


In addition to relaxing the muscle, this therapy also promotes good muscle health, improves the immune system, increases circulation and muscle oxygenation, and helps condition contracted muscles. These improvements translate into a state of deep relaxation and reduction of possible work and/or emotional stress.


As for who can benefit from this therapy, it is ideal for anyone experiencing specific muscle ailments. This therapy is especially effective for athletes and sportsmen, since they may suffer muscle ailments due to their sporting activities. It is also beneficial for people who work in offices, since they are exposed to a more sedentary lifestyle that can generate muscle tension.


In summary, if you are looking to alleviate specific muscular ailments, our combined therapy of assisted stretching and therapeutic massage in Crystal Bamboo is the ideal option for you. Book your appointment today